Using Online Proctoring Solutions to Prevent Contract Cheating

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Contract cheating has become a pervasive problem in the education system, as students are increasingly taking advantage of the ease and convenience of the internet to acquire answers or even entire papers from outside sources. Traditional methods of preventing contract cheating, such as proctoring, are proving to be ineffective and costly. Fortunately, new solutions such as ProctorU and Examity offer online proctoring services that can help institutions detect and prevent contract cheating. Online proctoring solutions make use of a variety of technologies such as audio-video recording, facial recognition, and remote authentication to monitor test-takers and ensure they are not cheating. Moreover, these solutions are more cost-effective than traditional proctoring methods, allowing institutions to save on labor costs while still providing a secure testing environment. In this article, we will explore how institutions can use online proctoring solutions such as ProctorU and Examity to prevent contract cheating.

We will look at the technologies used by these solutions, the advantages they offer, and how they can be used in an effective manner.

The first step in using an online proctoring solution

is to choose the right one for your institution. Each solution has its own features and benefits, so it’s important to understand your needs and what the different solutions offer. For example, ProctorU offers live proctoring, automated facial recognition technology, and other tools to ensure the integrity of the exam or assignment. Examity, on the other hand, focuses more on remote monitoring, which can be helpful for those taking tests from different locations.

Once you’ve chosen the right solution for your institution, you’ll need to set up the system. This typically involves creating an account with the provider, setting up the exam or assignment parameters, and setting up the proctoring environment. Depending on the provider, this may also involve setting up additional security features such as two-factor authentication or biometric authentication. Once the system is set up, it’s time for the students to take the exam or assignment.

Depending on the provider, they may be required to use certain tools such as a webcam or microphone, or they may be able to take the test from any device. In either case, the proctoring system will be monitoring them throughout the exam or assignment to ensure that they are not engaging in any suspicious activity. Finally, once the exam or assignment is finished, the results will be reviewed by the proctoring system and any suspicious activity will be flagged. This helps ensure that no cheating has taken place and that the student has completed their work honestly.

With online proctoring solutions such as ProctorU and Examity, institutions can help ensure that students are taking their tests and completing their assignments honestly and without any assistance. These solutions offer an added layer of security that can help combat contract cheating and protect both the institution and its students.

Choosing an Online Proctoring Solution

When selecting an online proctoring solution, it is important to understand your needs and what each solution offers. Different solutions use different methods to ensure students are taking their tests and completing their assignments on their own. For instance, ProctorU and Examity both use a combination of live proctors and automated facial recognition.

ProctorU provides live proctors who monitor the student’s webcam during the exam. Proctors can also ask the student to show their ID and/or take a picture of their desk. Examity focuses more on automated facial recognition, using an algorithm to detect any suspicious activity. It also offers the option of having a live proctor as an added layer of security.

It is important to consider how much time and resources each solution requires. ProctorU and Examity both require students to have a stable internet connection and webcam, as well as a quiet, distraction-free environment. Additionally, some institutions may need to invest in additional software or hardware in order to utilize these solutions. Finally, it is important to consider the cost of each solution.

ProctorU and Examity both offer a variety of plans, with different features and pricing structures. Institutions should carefully evaluate each option to determine which solution best meets their needs and budget.

Reviewing Results

Once an exam is complete, it is important to review the results for any suspicious activity. ProctorU and Examity both offer comprehensive reports that detail any suspicious activity observed by the proctor during the session. This includes audio or video recordings of the exam, as well as data such as eye movement tracking and mouse clicks.

It is important to review this data to ensure that the student was not receiving assistance during the exam. To further protect against contract cheating, ProctorU and Examity both offer a flagging system. This system allows you to flag any suspicious activity and alert the proctor to investigate further. If any suspicious activity is detected, the proctor can take appropriate action, such as disqualifying the exam or sending it for further review.

By reviewing results and using the flagging system, online proctoring solutions can help prevent contract cheating and ensure that students are taking their exams and completing their assignments honestly.

Setting Up the System

Setting up an online proctoring system is relatively straightforward. Most providers offer a simple sign-up process, usually through their website or mobile app. Once the account is established, administrators can set up the parameters of the system, such as the type of test or exam being administered, the length of time it will take, and any other requirements. It is important to note that different providers may have different setup processes and requirements.

For example, ProctorU requires students to have a webcam and a microphone, while Examity only requires a webcam. It is important to be aware of any specific requirements before setting up an online proctoring system. Once the system is in place, it is important to clearly communicate the expectations to students. This includes notifying students about any specific technical requirements and providing instructions on how to use the proctoring system. Providing students with clear instructions will help ensure that they are properly prepared for the exam.

Taking the Exam or Assignment

Online proctoring solutions such as ProctorU and Examity use a combination of live proctors, automated facial recognition, and other methods to ensure that students are taking their exams and assignments on their own.

Live proctors are able to monitor a student’s screen during the test and spot any suspicious behavior. Automated facial recognition technology can track a student’s identity throughout the duration of the exam, ensuring that no one else is taking it on their behalf. Additionally, these solutions can also track eye movement to detect any attempts to look up answers online or otherwise cheat. ProctorU and Examity can also restrict access to certain websites or applications during the test, preventing students from looking up answers on the internet. Additionally, these solutions use random question selection to ensure that students are unable to predict which questions they will be asked.

This makes it much harder for students to find or purchase answers ahead of time. By using these online proctoring solutions, institutions can take proactive steps to prevent contract cheating and ensure that all students are taking their exams and assignments on their own. Online proctoring solutions such as ProctorU and Examity can help institutions protect themselves and their students from contract cheating. Institutions that choose to implement such solutions have the peace of mind that all exams and assignments are being taken honestly and without assistance. Setting up the system is a straightforward process, with the proctoring company providing clear instructions for administrators on how to get started. Once the system is in place, students can take their exams and complete their assignments without any issues.

Finally, institutions can use the proctoring company's review process to ensure that all results are valid and that cheating has not occurred. Overall, using online proctoring solutions such as ProctorU and Examity is a great way for institutions to prevent contract cheating. By implementing these solutions, institutions can rest assured that all exams and assignments are being taken honestly, without any assistance.

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